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PVTsim Nova Course

Copenhagen: 2 October 2018 - 4 October 2018

The course will show how PVTsim Nova can be used to solve a variety of reservoir engineering and flow assurance tasks including fluid communication, modeling of PVT data, miscible gas injection, wax, asphaltene and hydrate precipitation. It will give an insight in the fluid characterization procedures and the thermodynamic models applied in the software. Regression to experimental data will be covered for single fluids and for multiple fluids to be represented using the same equation of state parameters. Non-classical equations of state for mixtures containing water and other polar components will be introduced with examples of recommended applications. It will be shown what to expect from the more than thirty interfaces to external software packages and how to make best use of them.

The course will be presented in lectures hands-on exercises and cover the below main topics.

Fluid handling

  • Input to PVTsim and QC of fluid compositions
  • Compositional analysis and recombination
  • Equations of State (Cubic EoS, CPA, PC-SAFT, GERG-2008)
  • C7+ characterization and lumping

PVT experiments

  • Navigating a PVT lab report
  • Classical PVT experiments
  • PVT experiments with gas injection

Reservoir applications

  • Simulation of PVT experiments
  • Regression of PVT & viscosity data
  • Compositional variations with depth
  • Input to reservoir simulators
  • EOR experiments & MMP simulations

Flow Assurance

  • Water, Salts & Hydrate Inhibitors
  • Hydrates
  • Wax
  • Asphaltenes

Interfaces to external software

  • Reservoir simulators
  • Flow simulators
  • Process simulators


Engineers who would like to get an understanding of the concepts of PVT simulation and learn how to use PVTsim. With its mix of theory and practice the course is appropriate for those who want to learn to use PVTsim as well as those mainly interested in PVT simulation models.


Calsep engineering staff.


The course will be held in Calsep's offices Parallelvej 12, Kgs. Lyngby, 15 kilometers north of downtown Copenhagen.


The course fee is Euro 2,000 and includes tea/coffee, refreshments, lunch, lecture notes, computer and software access fees.


Full course fee refund if cancellation received more than 3 weeks before course starts. No course fee refund if cancellation received less than 3 weeks before course starts. For more information about the course please contact:

Matias A. Monsalvo

Calsep A/S

Phone: +45 45 87 66 46

Fax: +45 45 87 62 72

e-mail: Matías A. Monsalvo

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