Calsep Flash API

With Calsep’s Flash API installed in your own private cloud it is easy to develop PVT applications that require a large number of flash calculations for use in reservoir, wells, separations, flow, systems, etc. SDKs for Python and C# as well as examples of programs to call the PT, PH, PS and VT flash options help the user get started.

Fast and robust PVTsim Technology trusted by more than 250+ companies since 1988.

Calsep’s Flash API Technology

For the best performance, we recommend the Flash API to be installed in your own cloud. Calsep’s Flash API is developed and designed for implementation in both low and high performance solutions. The Flash API is tested on virtual machines (2 CPUs and 7 GB RAM) running in Microsoft Azure and is found to deliver 1000+ flash calculations per second for a 22 component fluid. The Flash API follows the best practices and security principles and all calculations are fully consistent with PVTsim Nova.

Get Started with the Flash API

Get introduced to Calsep’s Flash API and find out how to call Calsep’s robust and fast flash routines using cloud technology. 

Calsep SDKs

Here you will find all information about Calsep’s Python and C# SDKs and how to work with the API from monitoring of usage to utilization in an high performance environment. 

Predicting Liquid Production from a Mixed Well Stream

Simulation of the liquid production from a 2-stage separation of mixed wellstream from five wells.

Flash API in Private Cloud

To increase security and performance the Flash API can be installed in your Private Cloud Environment in a Kubernetes Cluster.

Need a Flash Engine?

Calsep’s Flash API is designed to be the engine of software applications that require multiple flash calculations every second. This could be in connection with dynamic flow simulations, monitoring of process equipment or allocation of streams from multiple sources.