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PVTsim is a simulation tool that works across technical disciplines. Whether you are looking for fluid properties deep in the reservoir, in the well, in a subsea pipeline or on the surface, you can rely on the predictions with PVTsim.

PVTsim Nova allows reservoir engineers, flow assurance specialists and process engineers to combine reliable fluid characterization procedures with robust and efficient regression algorithms to match fluid properties and experimental data. The fluid parameters may be exported to produce high quality input data for reservoir, pipeline and process simulators.

Based on an extensive data material collected over a period of more than 30 years, PVTsim Nova carries the information from experimental PVT studies into simulation software in a consistent manner and without losing valuable information on the way.

Find a PVTsim Package

PVTsim is a PVT simulation package for use by PVT laboratories and in reservoir and flow assurance studies. PVTsim is divided into a number of modules so that you can purchase Standard PVTsim Packages tailored for different application areas, or customize a package according to your needs.

Basic PVT

The Basic PVT package is designed for the PVTsim user who wants to develop EoS models that match data measured by a PVT lab.

PVTsim for OLGA/LedaFlow

This package generates the fluid input needed by the transient flow simulators OLGA and LEDAFLOW.


The PVT LAB package is aimed at the user who wants the full benefit of a PVT report.

Flow Assurance

The Flow Assurance package handles water, hydrates, wax and asphaltenes in addition to gas and oil.


The Reservoir Package has everything required to develop an EoS model for use in black oil and compositional reservoir simulators.


The Premium package combines laboratory, reservoir and flow assurance functions in one package.

Full Package

The full PVTsim package provides access to all modules, models and interface options.

Configure the new PVTsim Nova to fit your own specific needs

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