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What you can expect from a Calsep project?

That you engage with a team of PVT consultants with a wide variety of industry experience including reservoir engineering, PVT laboratories and research in phase behavior. Calsep’s consultants are responsive and professional and will deliver quick results for an immediate need or provide ongoing support, modeling work, and training for longer projects. You will get timely and reliable results provided in a detailed report. In the final stage of the project, a knowledge transfer session is conducted with a presentation of the work.

We do our best to ensure transparency and traceability in our work so our clients can feel confident in project results. 

Field Wide EoS Models

Asia Pacific: PVT modeling for lean condensates. Common EoS models matching routine PVT data for each field.

Trinidad and Tobago: PVT modeling for heavy oils. Common EoS model matching available PVT data.

GoM: Common EoS model for several fluid samples. An asphaltene model was created for one fluid that had asphaltene onset pressure data. The model was applied to predict the asphaltene phase behavior of other fluids from the same field.

Mediterranean Sea: Common EoS modelfor lean condensates matching available PVT data

Middle East: Common EoS model for 21 H2S rich reservoir fluids, 3 near-critical gas condensates and 18 black oils. All 21 fluids had routine PVT data and 11 had solubility swelling data.

Africa: PVT modeling for the West Africa fluids. The modeling involved cleaning for OBM contamination and creating a common EoS model for both gas condensate and oil samples with gas injection data.

USA: PVT modeling for unconventional reservoir fluids. The modeling involved creating a common EoS model for gas condensate and oil samples.

USA: PVT modeling work for EOG Resources for Eagle Ford fluids.

Middle East: Review of 9 existing EoS models. Comparison of simulation results with measured PVT data at reservoir and separator conditions.

North Sea: Equation of state and depth gradient modeling. Common EoS model for several fluid samples. Compositions adjusted to match observed well test GORs.

North Sea: Fluid communication and EoS modeling study for North Sea gas condensate fields.

Middle East: Common EoS models for fluids in offshore field. Identification of representative samples from a total of 100+ samples, and creating 3 common EoS models, which complied with the production data when used in reservoir simulators.

Middle East: QC of sampling data and estimation of CGR for gas condensate reservoir fluids. QC of PVT data. EoS model development.

South America: Five samples of CO2 rich reservoir fluids were numerically cleaned for OBM and a common EoS model developed.

Iraqi fluids: Common EoS model. The modeling involved identification of representative samples based on flow data from the time of sampling, common EoS modeling, and a compositional depth gradient analysis.

Texas: Common EoS model matching routine PVT data for West Texas reservoir fluids ranging from gas condensates to black oils.

Africa: Investigation of fluid communication across wells. Development of common EoS models.

Middle East: EoS model matching routine PVT data and EOR data with both HC rich and HC lean injection gases.

North Sea. Common EoS model matching routine PVT data and EOR data with HC and CO2 injection gases.

Africa: Common EoS models for several fields in West Africa. The work involved cleaning for OBM contamination, generation of PVT data for the cleaned fluids, creation of a common EoS model for gas condensate and oil samples with gas injection data. Prediction of gas-oil-contact using depth gradient simulations.

Eagle Ford: Development of a single EoS model for multiple fluids with a wide range of yields.

Middle East: EoS model development and quantification of H2S and CO2 phase distribution in well.

Asphaltenes & Wax

GoM: Common EoS model developed for OBM contaminated fluids. Asphaltene model was created and used to explain the interference in viscosity data due to solids precipitation.

Middle East: Investigation of possible existence of asphaltene tar mat.

Indonesia: EoS and wax deposition models for fluids from offshore field. The wax deposition predictions were used to identify the location of wax deposition in the subsea pipeline.

North Sea: Study to reveal optimum production scenarios to avoid wax deposition in wells.

Middle East: EOR EoS model matching routine PVT data, EOR PVT data, and asphaltene data.

Asia Pacific: Resident fluid engineer at a client office. Helped build EoS models for engineering applications including wax and hydrates. Trained engineers in EoS modeling and prepared written technical guidelines.

GoM: PC-SAFT and Cubic EoS models for the asphaltene prediction of GoM oil with N2 gas injection.

USA: Generated EoS model to match the asphaltene titration data. Utilized EoS model to investigate the effect of oil blending and determine the tendency for asphaltene precipitation.

Multiphase Meters & Customized Software Solutions

Mediterranean Sea: Automated import and export tool for up to 500 fluid compositions, between PVTsim Nova database and external software.

North Sea: Multiphase Metering software handling mixing of well streams and gas lift, calibration of flow meters, flow meter and test separator calculations considering water and salts. 

Middle East: Integrated compositional subsurface and surface modeling tool for monitoring daily production of produced fluid from multiple reservoirs. Mixing and flashing of fluids at well level, at platform level, and in the separation plant.

Middle East: Reservoir grid initialization software

Asia: Developed a ready to use Excel tool to calculate the produced well stream composition for wells under gas-lift operation.

North Sea: Allocation software for use on Gullfaks and other North Sea fields.

North Africa: Calculations of produced compositions from an old ECL 100 simulation. Custom software developed to simulate the compositions.

Canada: Development of a customized software for a mature Canadian field used for allocation calculations.

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