Consulting Services

Calsep offers consulting services related to Equation of State simulation of reservoir fluid phase behavior. The consulting services involve all types of reservoir fluids including natural gases, gas condensates, near critical fluids, oil and heavy oils.

Modeling Services

Calsep can be engaged in projects to develop Equation of State models for reservoir fluids. Models can be for individual fluids as well as for a large number of fluids (common EoS models).

Models and simulations are offered for special purposes like gas injection EOR or flow assurance simulations (hydrate, wax, asphaltene and scale). PVT input for reservoir, pipeline and process simulators can be included.

Software Services

Calsep provides services for development of custom PVT software solutions, for example for allocation calculations or real time multiphase meter rate calculations.

Custom software projects are designed and executed in close collaboration with the client. This ensures optimal functionality and also enables integration with the client’s existing software and data storage.

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Examples of Recent Projects

Single fluids
Common EoS
Mud contaminated
EOR EoS model
Gas condensate, oil, and heavy oils
Evaluation of existing EoS models

Field Wide EoS Modeling

Single EoS model to describe multiple fluid samples
Varying fluid types – lean/rich gas condensates, volatile oils and black oils
Compositional variation with depth

Asphaltenes & Wax

Evaluations of production risks
Gas injection strategy for asphaltene rich reservoirs
Planning of asphaltene experiments
Asphaltene tar mat evaluations

Multiphase Meter

Online MPM solutions
Customized flash applications
Cloud solutions

Customized PVT Software

Online dosage of hydrate inhibitor
Dewpoint control of natural gas
Fluid composition matching produced GOR

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