Why PVTsim Nova?

Because PVTsim Nova covers all your needs for PVT simulations whether your field is reservoir, flow assurance or process

PVTsim is the PVT package for the user who wants to spend a minimum of time on EoS modeling as well as the user who wants to be able to choose between the most advanced thermodynamic models for describing reservoir fluids and solid phases. The automated import of fluid compositions and PVT data combined with the PVTsim’s Auto EoS option makes it possible to develop an EoS model in minutes. PVTsim’s range of polar models is supported by validation reports and enables an accurate description of complex phase equilibria with water, hydrate inhibitors and CO2. PVTsim’s fluid characterization is developed for both reservoir and flow assurance applications. PVTsim interfaces to more than 30 different reservoir, flow and process simulators.

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