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PVTsim for OLGA/LedaFlow is designed for the Flow Assurance engineer who uses OLGA or LedaFlow in pipeline studies and needs a good fluid description to take full advantage of the features in these two dynamic flow simulators. To ensure a good description of water and hydrate inhibitors, the package offers Huron-Vidal and CPA as well as a dedicated water package for describing water bulk properties. The tabulated fluid properties can be presented visually using 2 and 3 dimensional plot features. The user can recombine a gas and liquid to a specified GOR and mix up to 100 fluids. The package further offers 3-phase aqueous PT flash and phase envelope simulation options. The hydrate formation conditions and the amount of inhibitor to prevent hydrate formation can be simulated using PVTsim’s Hydrate module, which is also part of the package.

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