Nova Apps

Expert Assisted Modeling

The PVTsim Nova Apps are inspired by Calsep’s consultants based on their experience using PVTsim in consulting projects. The Calsep consultants know exactly what workflow is required to develop a good EoS model or solve another task that requires PVT simulations. Calsep decided to share the consultants’ experience with other PVTsim users in the form of so-called Nova Apps. The first App was Auto EoS, which automatically develops an EoS model that matches measured PVT data. Later, additional Apps have been added including the very popular Separation App, which is an intuitive flow sheeting tool for simulating user defined process diagrams.

Apps in PVTsim Nova

  • Composition Preparation for Auto EoS
  • Auto EoS
  • Separation
  • In-situ Fluid