PVT Simulator for CCS Engineers

PVTsim Nova’s CCS module is a self-contained PVT simulator developed by Calsep as a response to the growing industry demand for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) simulation technology. The CCS module combines accurate and robust models for CO2 and H2 with simulation capabilities tailored specifically for CCS engineers, including CO2 impurity evaluation, CO2 solubility in brine, PH phase diagrams, and Hydrate simulations for CO2 rich fluids with small amounts of water. The models are thoroughly validated against experimental data relevant to CCS, ensuring simulation accuracy and reliability for CCS applications.

The CCS module was designed with the aim of gathering CCS simulation capabilities from all interdisciplinary functionalities into a single simulation package. This empowers engineers engaged in CCS projects with direct access to domain-specific models and tailored simulation features, all carefully chosen to meet their specific needs.

Parameters for the cubic and polar models have been meticulously evaluated and re-estimated, ensuring reliability and accuracy by fitting them to the most credible CCS-specific experimental data. A comprehensive verification report is available for the new CCS module.

CCS Key Features

The PVTsim Nova CCS provides features that makes it a one-stop solution for modeling and evaluating CO2-rich systems.

Pure CO2

CO2 Hydrate

CO2-Brine Solubility

Impact of Impurities

Pure Hydrogen

Transport Properties

Interface with Simulators

Reliable & Validated Simulation

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CCS Technical Overview

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