Learn how to get the best out of PVTsim Nova

Calsep’s PVTsim courses have been developed over a period of 30 years and draw on experience for more than 20 countries. A course day alternates between short presentations and hands on exercises exemplifying the use of PVTsim. The course material includes all presentations and exercises with detailed solutions. The attendants will be presented with case studies inspired by Calsep EoS consulting projects. New users may start with a 2-day basic course and continue on one or more of the more specialized courses.

Calsep offers open courses as well as in-house courses to reservoir engineers, process engineers, engineers dealing with flow assurance or multiphase flow metering, laboratory staff and others needing to apply PVT simulation software in their work. With its mix of theory and hand-on exercises, the courses are appropriate for those wanting to get started using PVTsim and for those wanting to know the details of the models and methods used. Through the open book philosophy when it comes to documentation of models and methods, Calsep offers full insight into the internals of PVTsim. The courses are taught by the engineers developing and using the software, giving the best pre-requisites for obtaining qualified recommendations on the use and in-depth knowledge about what the software does.

Courses Overview

PVTsim Nova Course (3 Day)

The course will show how PVTsim Nova can be used to solve a variety of reservoir engineering and flow assurance tasks.

PVT Simulation Course for Reservoir Engineers (3 Day)

This course covers EoS modeling from the stage of sampling until export of the final EoS model to a reservoir simulator or other third-party software.

PVT Simulation Course for Flow Assurance Engineers (3-day)

This course gives a comprehensive understanding of PVT and fluid phase behavior for systems where solids may form.

Acid Gas Course
(3 Day)

The acid course covers an introduction to Acid Gas Treatment and EoS modeling of acid gas systems with water present.

In-house Courses

Calsep also offers in-house courses, where the content and level may be tailored e.g. for process or reservoir engineers, or engineers within the field of multi phase flow metering or flow assurance.