Acid Gas Courses (3-Day)

The Course

The acid course covers an introduction to Acid Gas Treatment and EoS modeling of acid gas systems with water present.

The course participants will be introduced to the options for automatic QC and EoS modeling. These allow users to minimize the time spent on creating robust EoS models while still following Calsep’s recommended EoS modeling workflow.

The course will be presented in lectures and demonstrations coupled with hands-on exercises in the use of PVTsim Nova.

Course Topics

  • PVTsim Nova
    • Refresher to EoS modeling Workflow
    • PVTsim Nova Apps
      • Automated QC
      • Automated EoS
      • Separation flowsheet
  • Topics
    • PVT simulations of Natural Gas Mixtures
    • Miscibility Behavior of CO2 rich Hydrocarbon Systems– With Application for Gas Injection EOR
    • Mixtures with Water
    • CO2 and H2S Gas Hydrates
    • Scaling precipitation in the presence of CO2 and H2S
    • Solid CO2 formation and prediction
  • Input to simulators
    • OLGA, Hysys, Pipesim, Prosper/Mbal
    • PVTsim Separation App

Who should participate

Reservoir, Flow assurance and process engineers who want to be able make optimum use of PVTsim in an acid gas context.

Calsep Consultants.

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