Fundamental PVTsim Course (2 Day)

The Course

This 2-day PVT simulation course is designed for the engineer who needs to know the basic features of PVTsim. The participants will learn which fluid composition in a PVT report to enter and how ensure it is representative of the reservoir fluid. With a fluid composition as the only input the attendants will carry out engineering calculations for use in early production and design evaluations.

The course will teach how to control and improve a fluid model by adjusting model parameters to have the simulation results match experimental PVT data. This is done using PVTsim’ s manual and automated regression options. Input to external black oil and compositional simulators will be practiced and will involve generation of a fluid model with heavily lumped components for use in compositional reservoir simulations. It will be shown how to develop a fluid model for a clean reservoir fluid when only a mud contaminated sample is available

Course Topics

  • Input and QC of fluid compositions
  • Basic fluid property calculations
  • PVT experiments
  • Regression to PVT data
  • Mud contaminated samples
  • Input to external simulators

Who should participate?

Engineers with no or limited experience in PVTsim who are involved in planning of the production of reservoir fluids and want to learn and practice fluid modeling and how to generate fluid input to external software simulators.

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