PVT Simulation Course for Flow Assurance Engineers (1 Day)

The Course

This 1-day course is a mix of presentations and demonstrations of PVTsim combined with hands-on exercises using PVTsim Nova. The course covers classical EoS modeling using an equation of state (EoS) as well as modeling of the solid phases to be taken into consideration in flow assurance studies.

The course participants will be introduced to Automated QC and Automated EoS model development. Those are features introduced in PVTsim Nova to decrease the time required to generate an EoS model. It will be shown how an EoS model developed for a water free petroleum reservoir fluid can be extended to handle water and other polar components, including hydrate inhibitors. Modeling of gas hydrates, wax and scale are other topics to be covered in this 1-day course.

Course Topics

  • Fluid QC and Automated EoS model development
  • PVT and viscosity modeling
  • Assessment of risk of solids precipitation
  • Gas hydrates & hydrate inhibition
  • Wax formation
  • Handling of mixtures with aqueous components
  • PVTsim verification reports
  • Scale precipitation & handling of water analysis
  • Input to External Simulators (OLGA)

Who should participate?

Flow assurance and process engineers who would like to make optimum use of PVTsim Nova in simulations where a proper handling of aqueous and solid phases is important.

Previous participation in the 2-day Fundamental PVTsim Course or some experience with PVTsim Nova is recommended.

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