PVT Simulation Course for Reservoir Engineers (1 Day)

The Course

This one-day course is designed for engineers who have previously used or are currently using PVTsim. Some of the topics covered include, fluid data quality checks, decontaminating oil-based mud from fluid samples, generating single EoS model for multiple fluids, generating accurate and consistent black-oil and compositional files for reservoir simulators.

The course, taught by experienced Calsep engineers, is a mix of presentations and demonstrations in PVTsim combined with hands-on exercises using PVTsim Nova.

Course Topics

  • Fluid QC and Automated EoS model development
  • Mud Contamination
  • Common EoS & Depth Gradient
  • CO2 Injection – Swelling and MMP simulations
  • Asphaltenes simulations
  • Input to external simulators (Eclipse)

Who should participate?

Engineers engaged in reservoir simulation, production engineers, laboratory staff and others engaged in applying PVT simulation software for engineering calculations.

Previous participation in the 2-day Fundamental PVTsim Course or some experience with PVTsim Nova is recommended

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