PVT Simulation Course for Flow Assurance Engineers (3-day)

The Course

The course teaches the key elements of building an EoS model for predicting the phase behavior of reservoir fluids. These elements include checking the quality of the data used in the model, simulating PVT experiments, and using automated options to refine the EoS model to match experimental data.

Special attention will be given to simulations relevant to flow assurance engineers, including simulations involving water and the precipitation of solid phases during production. In particular, models for predicting the formation and behavior of hydrates, wax, asphaltenes, and scale will be covered. The course will also address the issue of wax deposition in pipelines and how to model it.

Course Topics

  • Fluid Sampling and PVT report
    • Bottom-hole sample vs Separator Sample
    • Compositional Analysis performed by the lab
    • Review of PVT report
    • Selection of data to input in PVTsim
  • Fluid handling
    • Input to PVTsim
    • QC of fluid compositions
    • Recombination
    • Equations of State
    • C7+ characterization and lumping
  • PVT experiments
    • Classical PVT experiments
    • Separator correction for lab data
  • PVTsim Nova Apps
    • Automated QC and EoS
    • Separation process modeling
  • PVT modeling
    • Regression to routine PVT data
    • Viscosity models and regression to viscosity data
    • Recommended workflow for EoS modeling in PVTsim
  • Applications
    • Single fluid EoS model
    • One EoS model for multiple fluids
    • .Hydrates, wax , asphaltenes, scale precipitation
    • Wax deposition in pipeline
    • Input to simulators
      • OLGA, LedaFlow, Pipesim, Prosper

          Who Should Participate?

          Engineers engaged in flow assurance simulations, who would like to make optimum use of PVTsim in simulations where a proper handling of aqueous and solid phases is important.

          With its mix of theory and practice the course is appropriate for those who want to learn to use PVTsim as well as those mainly interested in PVT simulation methods for flow assurance engineers.


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