Calsep Launches Dedicated PVT simulator for CCS applications.

We are proud to introduce the PVTsim Nova CCS module – a new standalone CCS simulation software seamlessly integrated with PVTsim Nova.

At Calsep, our commitment to the energy transition is showcased by the release of the PVTsim Nova CCS module catered specifically to CCS project needs. This transformative solution empowers users to easily simulate the complex fluid phase behaviour often presented by CO2-rich fluids with high reliability and confidence in results, by unlocking access to specialized validated models and simulation capabilities.

Launch of PVTsim Nova CCS module marks a milestone by equipping operators, engineers, and researchers with the tools necessary to effectively address the challenges of CCS projects.

Key Features

  • CO2 and H2 Specific EoS and Viscosity Models
  • CO2 Solubility in Water and Brine
  • Accurate CO2 Hydrate Predictions with low water contents
  • Hydrate PT and PH phase mapping
  • Investigate Impact of Impurities
  • Validation Reports presenting simulation accuracy.
  • PH and PT Phase Envelope
  • Solubility Tables & Interface Files
  • PH table input for OLGA

Contact Calsep today to learn more about how the CCS Module can enhance your CCS projects or to request a demo.