PVTsim Releases

PVTsim Nova 6.0 Released

Calsep is happy to announce that PVTsim Nova 6.0 has been released and it can be downloaded from Client Area. For more information about all the updates and bug fixes check out the list of updates here: https://www.calsep.com/pvtsim-nova-5-0-to-6-0/ PVTsim Nova 6.0 Release Highlights presentation can be downloaded here: https://www.calsep.com/pvtsim-nova/downloadables/

PVTsim Nova 5.4 Released

PVTsim Nova 5.4 has been released. It can be downloaded from Client Area for more information about the updates check out the list of updates here PVTsim Nova 5.3 to 5.4

PVTsim Nova 5.2 Released

Upgrades include: All menus updated for better user experience on high DPI screens Generate PVT interface files for: Flow Simulator – Turbulent Flux Reservoir Simulator – Open Porous Media (OPM) More details about the PVTsim 5.2 software updates can be found here: https://www.calsep.com/pvtsim-nova-5-1-to-5-2/

PVTsim Nova 4.2 Released

FLUID MANAGEMENT & OPERATIONS FLUID DATABASE Opening of an empty database enabled. Export and import supported for empty databases. ADD TO SINGLE EOS Add to single EoS enabled also when characterized source fluid has been lumped twice or more. CLEAN FOR MUD Enhanced QC check for mud (OBM) contamination. Input menu modified to make it …

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PVTsim Nova 4.1 released

PVT DATA  PVT DATA Copy of PVT data between fluids supported. REGRESSION Regression weight for critical stage in swelling experiment again taken into consideration. QC Evaluation of ln(mol%) versus carbon number changed to start at C10 instead of at C7. ADD TO COMMON EOS Reestablished. FLASH & PROCESS H2S MODULE  Component fugacities written out APPS  …

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