Meet the Calsep Team

contact with its customers and Calsep’s employees used to make several customer visits each year and to attend conferences to present new releases of PVTsim and to get input for the continued PVTsim development. Due to the covid, Calsep has for the past year and a half had to communicate with its customers via email and online meetings.

UAE will this autumn host two live conferences, the SPE ATCE in Dubai and Adipec in Abu Dhabi September 21-23 November 15-18.

Calsep will present two papers at SPE ATCE. One is on simulation of compositional variations with depth in a petroleum reservoir and the other one is on a fast method to simulate the recovery that can be obtained with immiscible gas injection. Calsep has a booth at both conferences and the Calsep team looks forward to meeting existing and new clients and contacts.